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I used to be so awful to myself. I was judgmental, unaccepting, insecure and self-sabotaging. I found food and my body image to be incredibly stressful and because of this, I didn't take proper care of myself. However, today, I am truly happy with who I am.

What changed?

 I began to really be honest with myself. I made a list of the aspects of my life that weren't serving me and I took measures to cut them out. For example, ice cream is supposed to be a treat and bring you joy but gave me a stomach ache. Why on earth was I still eating it?  And so my transformation began. I started to take accountability for my health and began practices to show myself the respect I deserved. 

I modified my diet. I shifted my mindset. I began to listen to my body and gave it the nutrients it was starving for. The greatest change of all was adopting a plant based diet. From there, everything else seemed to fall into place.

I want Lux Lake to be a place of solace and inspiration for those of you who struggle with similar issues. I became a Certified Health Coach because I believe it is my purpose to help others be their best selves. 

I am a graduate of the the University of Michigan and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Visit the Coaching section to learn more about Health Coaching and to schedule a free health consultation!





You've probably heard the phrase "you are what you eat." If this is true, we would like all of our meals to be colorful, refreshing, clean, satisfying, inspiring and healthy. But mostly, we just want to eat real food. That is the root of the Lux Lake philosophy. Be real with yourself. Choose to eat real foods that have come from Mother Earth and educate yourself on where your ingredients really come from and how they are produced.

The recipes that you will find at Lux Lake are all plant based and contain zero refined sugars, gluten or processed ingredients. Everything is as natural as possible. However, although we are passionate about eating whole foods, we do not withhold the flavor. 

I believe that healthy living is not a diet, but a lifestyle - something you adopt for the long haul. That is why Lux Lake consistently creates simple, delicious recipes and provides a unique perspective on natural beauty and wellness. 

I hope to help you reach your health and wellness goals by adding a little more realness to your life.