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Most people know what they should be doing
to live a healthier, more balanced life.
However, they don't have the tools and support they require
in order to begin their transformation.
That's where I come in.

What is it that you truly want?

Think about it. What do you want? What. Do. You. Want?

The answer will be different for everyone.

You may want to reach your ideal weight and end dieting forever, free yourself from mindless eating and unhealthy cravings, 
end self-critical, damaging thoughts or find peace within yourself and finally become the person you were meant to be. 

Tell me, what do you want?

Now that you know what you want...

Ask yourself:

What is it in your life that is holding you back from reaching your goal?

It may be your stressful job, the fact that you have no free time or self-care regimine, you feel like you have zero self control around junk food or you're constantly hungry, 
your home is disorganized and unmanageable, you feel unfulfilled in your career or relationship, you feel unsatisfied with your friendship circle, 
your finances are a mess or maybe you feel unmotivated to exercise and can't seem to keep yourself accountable. The list goes on.

Congratulations! Identifying what you want and what's holding you back is the first step to achieving your health goals.

The next step is simple, we are going to design a personalized plan for you to implement. I am going to give you the tools and the guidance you need to help you evolve.
I am going to keep you accountable and I am going to be someone that you can count on to give you tough love and honesty.
 I am going to push you to find your truth and empower you to transform into the real you, the person you were meant to be. 

You don't have to do it alone and the struggle ends right now


Ready to end dieting forever?
Let's start with a FREE session. 


Madeline went far beyond being my Health Coach. She became my personal Life Coach. She not only gave me great ideas and recipes to implement healthier eating habits, but she helped me build a lifestyle of self-love and personal growth.
— Health Coaching CLient



Your program is completely specialized to fit you and your specific health goals.
With my guidance, you can make lifelong changes that stick and finally
live a life of genuine happiness, healing and soulful, self-love. 

Don't waste anymore time.
 Let me take you from where you are to where you want to be.

You'll receive:

-A weekly, hour long phone call
-A weekly, personalized newsletter with
specific resources per your health goals
-Unlimited text/email support
-Personalized Self-Care plan
-Meal Planning and plant based recipes
-Health and Wellness worksheets
-Development of a fitness routine to meet your needs
-Someone  to keep you 100% accountable


-billed monthly
-no lock-in contracts



Madeline has helped me to become my healthiest and happiest self.
— Health coaching client



What will I gain?

  • Plant-based recipes, cooking techniques and meal plans
  • Everyday tools to relieve anxiety around food and eating
  • Free yourself from mindless snacking and unhealthy cravings
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Find peace within yourself and the relationship with your body
  • Boost energy and improve digestion
  • Better your relationship with primary foods- what nourishes you off the plate
  • Learn in-depth information on popular dietary theories
  • Restore your intuition and feel an inner connectedness
  • Combat self-limiting thoughts
  • Practice mindfulness to overcome binge eating and food addictions
  • Cultivate a gratitude attitude in all areas of your life
  • Gain knowledge on how the foods you eat impact your body
  • Personalized self-care and exercise plan
  • Understand side effects of processed foods and ingredients
  • Useful tips on natural beauty and wellness
  • An accountability partner to keep you motivated and on track

Is Health Coaching right for me?

  • Ask yourself the questions below and answer them honestly.
    If any of these are issues you struggle with, you can benefit from my health coaching services. 

  • Do you commonly crave junk food?
  • Are you always trying new diets, or promising yourself that you'll start eating healthy "tomorrow"?
  • Are you judgmental and unkind to yourself?
  • Do you lack the energy or motivation to exercise?
  • Do you have anxiety around body image and food?
  • Do you want to lose some extra weight?
  • Do you want to better understand the impact food has on your body?
  • Do you feel like you're doing all the right things but you're still not losing weight?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all the health information out there and don't know what's right or wrong?
  • Do you sometimes feel disconnected to yourself and those around you?
  • Do you keep eating even though you're full?
  • Do you feel like you are lacking control of your health?
  • Do you wish you were healthier than you are right now?
  • Do you need someone to keep you accountable and give you tough-love to help you reach your goals?
  • Are you fully committed and ready to make positive change in your life?

What happens when I enroll?

  • Shortly after you sign up, you will receive an email from me with a questionnaire about your health history so that I can get a clearer vision of your goals.

  • We will schedule a set time for our weekly, hour long, phone call. 

  • The first call we will review the health questionnaire and establish what your main health goal is and begin to discover what in your life is hindering that goal. 

  • The weeks and months that follow, we will establish and implement a personalized strategy for you to consistently improve your health and become your most authentic self. 

What happens if I decide to end the health coaching program?

  • No Problem. You pay monthly, are not locked into any contracts and may cancel at any time. 

 Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad

Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad