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Most people know what they should be doing to
live a healthier, more balanced life.
However, they don't have the tools and support they need to begin their transformation. That's where I come in.

What is a health coach, anyway?

To put it simply, a health coach will help you develop and execute a plan to reach your wellness goals. Whether your objective is to lose weight, improve your cooking skills, make better choices when it comes to eating, relieve anxiety around food habits and body image, combat unhealthy cravings or mastering a self-care practice, you're more likely to succeed with a coach by your side. As a Certified Health Coach, I have the tools, training and personal experience to help you achieve long lasting results. 

Here's what you'll gain from working with me:

  • Plant-based recipes, cooking techniques and meal plans

  • Everyday tools to relieve anxiety around food and eating

  • Free yourself from mindless snacking and unhealthy cravings
  • Reduce inflammation to cure skin problems and aching muscles
  • Find peace within yourself and the relationship with your body

  • Boost energy and improve digestion

  • Better your relationship with primary foods- what nourishes you off the plate

  • Learn in-depth information on popular dietary theories

  • Find your ideal weight

  • Restore your intuition and feel an inner connectedness

  • Combat self-limiting thoughts

  • Practice mindfulness to overcome binge eating and food addictions

  • Cultivate a gratitude attitude in all areas of your life

  • Gain knowledge on how the foods you eat impact your body

  • Personalized self-care and exercise plan

  • Understand side effects of processed foods and harmful ingredients

  • Useful tips on natural beauty and wellness

  • An accountability partner to keep you motivated and on track



One Month Program: the reset


The quick but intensive one month program is the perfect way to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle. The crash course is designed for those who already have a grasp on health and wellness but need some extra motivation and valuable tools to take their health to the next level. 

Vietnamese Hot Pot Soup

Vietnamese Hot Pot Soup


Your health journey begins here and now.


Three Month Program: the renewal


The Renewal program is a three month coaching plan for those who need a complete health reboot, both physically and mentally. While establishing tangible goals, we will work together to overcome self-limiting habits and unhealthy feelings towards food and body image.

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Six Month Program: the transformation


The six month program focuses on a complete transformation for your mind, body and soul. This plan is aimed at those who want to make lifelong changes that go beyond what's on your plate. This course will allow you to master a balanced, healthy lifestyle for the long haul. 

Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad

Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad