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My name is Madeline Morrison and I am a Certified Health Coach.
I am passionate about helping people with unhealthy relationships with food and their bodies find inner peace and end dieting forever.

For years I struggled with insecurities and judgement of my body and what I thought was a food addiction. I held myself to an impossibly high standard and harshly criticized myself when I was unable to attain it. I used food as a tool to temporally fill the void in me, I would eat large quantities of unhealthy food until I was uncomfortably full and then would obsess and criticize myself for lacking “self-control”. Although I looked healthy and content on the outside, there was an inner battle of self-hatred and judgement that was happening inside. I was deeply ashamed and embarrassed of this, as I thought my “lack of willpower” and “binge eating” were unworthy struggles compared to the “real” problems in the world. So I kept it within, making matters worse.

The cycle of dieting, binging and self-hating continued for almost a decade. I became so disconnected to who I truly was, it impacted all areas of my life including my relationship, friendships, education, health and my overall happiness and well being.

One day I sat in the mirror and instead of listing the things I disliked about myself, like I normally did, I stared deep into my eyes and told myself over and over again, “I love you.” It was the first time that I truly looked at myself through a lens of compassion and acceptance. At this moment, I vowed that I would do whatever it took to move on from this and discover the REAL ME again.

I began a long journey of self-discovery and raw honesty. I completely changed my diet, repaired my relationship with food, removed toxic friendships and habits from my life, began showing gratitude to my body instead of trashing it, left a career that wasn’t aligned with my values, started saying NO to things that didn’t serve me and held myself accountable for my actions. I realized that I had the power to make epic change in my life and If I truly wanted it, I could do it, but I had to commit.

Today, I am so far from where I once was. I am happy. I am the healthiest I have ever been. I have a strong relationship with food and no longer diet. I love who I am and I show myself gratitude and tenderness daily. I am in a healthy, loving relationship. I am following a career in health and helping people which I believe is my true calling. I am so authentically me and living my truth.

I don’t believe my story is a unique one. However, I rarely see people talking about it. Self-hate is not something you diagnose and therefore people don’t consider it to be a worthy problem to share- at least this is my perception. Although at times I feel vulnerable sharing my story, and the secrets I kept for so long, I sense many people are struggling, as I did, and need the guidance to overcome it. I believe my mission in life is to help people form a healthy relationships with their bodies and food. Through my journey, I have developed the tools and strategies to successfully overcome these struggles and make life long change.

If you are interested in learning more about my Health Coaching services, please email me at or visit the coaching section to schedule a FREE session!






You've probably heard the phrase "you are what you eat." If this is true, we would like all of our meals to be colorful, refreshing, clean, satisfying, inspiring and healthy. But mostly, we just want to eat real food. That is the root of the Lux Lake philosophy. Be real with yourself. Choose to eat real foods that have come from Mother Earth and educate yourself on where your ingredients really come from and how they are produced.

The recipes that you will find at Lux Lake are all plant based and contain zero refined sugars, gluten or processed ingredients. Everything is as natural as possible. However, although we are passionate about eating whole foods, we do not withhold the flavor. 

I believe that healthy living is not a diet, but a lifestyle - something you adopt for the long haul. That is why Lux Lake consistently creates simple, delicious recipes and provides a unique perspective on natural beauty and wellness. 

I hope to help you reach your health and wellness goals by adding a little more realness to your life.