I am one week in of my 30 days of meditation. This is a challenge I set for myself in hopes of becoming more focused, feeling more balanced and to have better concentration. In the past I have practiced meditation but  I can never seem to it make it a part of my daily routine, even though it requires so little time and energy. I mean, you just need to sit there. I am not in the place where I can sit in silence and meditate, so I have been using the guided meditations that Spotify offers. There are a variety of options to choose from. I just scroll and pick a title that I feel is appropriate for that day. For example, yesterday I decided on "Judge Not Today" as I was feel particularly judgey of myself. I went into the meditation feeling down that I didn't achieve enough that day. I almost didn't take the time to meditate yesterday because I felt like I didn't deserve it as I was not as productive as I should have been for a Monday. Now, how insane is that? It is wild what our minds will do to us at times. Instead, I went into a quiet space, put my headphones in and played this very short but meaningful guided meditation. (Judge Not Today by Deepak Chopra) Afterwards, I felt such relief. If I hadn't taken the time to meditate, I would have gone to bed feeling sluggish. However, I gave my mind and body the special attention it needed and woke up today with great energy and excitement. 

-have anxiety about social situations
-my mind says one thing and my body does another
-feel unmotivated
-have low energy
-get jealous
-compare myself to others

These are things that I want to work on through meditation. They're not parts of me that I am particularly proud of but I feel I need to write them down and send them out into the universe so that I can begin to work on them. I am an imperfect human just like everyone else and it feels great to admit it. I challenge you to write the things you want to work on down on paper. Most of us already know what these things are but have never actually written them down or said them aloud.

-Increases overall happiness and peace of mind
-gain clarity
-decrease in anxiety
-lowers blood pressure
-increase in energy levels
-makes you more self aware
-promotes self love
-reduces stress
-improves concentration
-slows aging
-increases acceptance of yourself and others
-strengthens immune system
-can help with your memory
-makes you more compassionate and empathetic
-improves attention
-decreases depression

I will be checking in with you next week on my journey. Who else wants to join me in the challenge?