how to overcome junk food peer pressure


Nothing compares to feeling full in your heart AND your belly when gathering with old friends or family. But sometimes when you let loose, you start to eat like those around you who eat differently or continuously eat just because food is present everywhere. Balance is the key to anything in life, especially with personal diets, but social eating is definitely a commonly experienced pressure to overindulge.

Here are 3 tips on how to stick to your personal goals when other people may not be doing the same:

1) Always be a little bit satiated

When you meet with friends at a restaurant or elsewhere completely hungry, you set yourself up to eat anything within reach and not mindfully listen to what your body needs at the moment. Before you reconvene with loved ones, it’s important to have a little bit of something in your system so that when it comes down to finally eat, you won’t feel the need to swallow the entire table whole. Also, if you know you’re going to a place where there may not be many healthy options that feel suitable for you, make sure to grab something quick before you go so that you don’t leave completely hungry.

2) Listen to your body

Being in tune with how your body reacts to certain foods is extremely crucial not just for social events, but as an everyday skill as well. Often times when food is placed in front of us we just eat and eat and eat but never stop to think if the particular foods are tasty, or beneficial, or simply unsatisfying. If you know that ice cream isn’t going to sit well with your stomach, why eat it? There are tons of alternatives to favorite foods that leave us feeling both happy and satisfied.

3) Respect the needs of those around you

What may go over well for some people, like completely indulging one day and functioning adequately the next, does not work for all people. That’s why when eating with groups, do not shame others for eating the way they want. Even if you feel like a certain food is not worth touching, don’t convey that to other people. Sometimes our most loved ones indulge in a different way than we do and that is more than okay.

It’s essential to let yourself indulge, treat your body, and give it much needed rest, especially in a setting where you feel most comfortable. But even with comfort, you may regret overeating or not sticking to personal goals in ways you normally would. As long as you’re keeping true to yourself and listening to what your body craves, no guilt will arise and you can fully enjoy much needed decompressing.