gratitude attitude


Wake up and smell the…pumpkin pie?! It’s (nearly) Thanksgiving! A time for all of us to gather around the dinner table, spend quality time with family, and indulge in endless amounts of food- all of which are important and comfortable in their own right. While you’re busy getting heated in debate with family or stuffing your face mindlessly, remember it’s equally important to take the time to pinpoint what or who it is we are especially thankful to have. 

As we go through the motions of each day, we inevitably fail to acknowledge our personal goals and relationships and how they benefit us. That one friend you confide in and share similar values with-when was the last time you thanked them for just being downright incredible? Or that one day you woke up early, did a major work out, completed all of your work, and attended that dreaded dinner, ALL while being sick- did you take the time to thank your body and engage in much-needed respite? Hopefully. But if you forgot to do so, that’s what reflection is all about.

We all express gratitude for certain people or things in individual ways- whether it be family that holds us together, or cozying up in bed with a warm cup of tea after a long day. It’s the big things, but it’s also the small moments that help us navigate through the whirlwind of life. Even when you read this, remember that your eyes enable seeing all the beauty the world has to offer, or that words hold great impact. Be thankful for the human body and all of its unique, individual capabilities. Be thankful for experiencing love, joy, and laughter. Be thankful for the opportunity to fill your body with nourishing, wholesome ingredients! 

This Thanksgiving, take all that builds up your personal happiness into account. Instead of teasing that one sibling like you always do, give them a genuine compliment. Go out of your way to help someone else. Do something that will elicit a genuine smile from a loved one. Be present and observant. Last but not least… savor in every bite of your Thanksgiving meal!!