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Meet Anna and Charlotte, the founders behind the UK based website, A Zero Waste Life. In order to reduce their carbon footprint, they have completely eliminated any and all waste from their life. Seriously, they don't even have use for a trash bin!

It's important to remember that we only ever get one body: how we choose to sustain it is up for us to decide. But it’s time to think on a larger scale- I’m talking PLANET large. If we spend so much time focusing on how to better ourselves, shouldn’t we also be considering how to improve the planet in which we live? And encouraging others to do so as well? By eating local produce, using chemical-free products, sticking to simple rituals, and being cognizant of the resources we use, Anna and Charlotte are on the right track for not only giving back to the Earth, but for living a life that entails ZERO waste.


What is your health philosophy?
Everything in moderation but buy locally. Even though I’m Zero Waste I sometimes treat myself at the local bakery. 

What does it mean to live a "zero waste life”?
It means you don’t have a use for a bin, so everything I buy I source without packaging. This reduces landfill and is surprisingly easy to do. 

What motivates you to have a healthy lifestyle?
The planet, I once read a quote that really stuck with me:  “We only get one planet” 
It’s so true, so even if everyone else isn’t respecting the world that we live in, at least I know that I’m trying as hard as I can and encouraging other people to do so. 

What does a day on your plate look like?
Porridge with chocolate  (yes you can find chocolate zero waste) and bananas
Lunch on the go - homemade from the night before usually a salad or roasted veg with dip
Dinner - I use veg from our veg box (Organic Lea) and local meat
Snacks - usually include fruit because that’s very easy to source without packaging. I often make flapjack too as a late night snack because oats are super easy to find. 

What are some no-effort, simple steps to be more green?
Here are our Zero Waste essentials:
Cotton bag with draw string
Coffee cup
Water Bottle
If you take these with you everywhere you’ll find it so easy to be green! (Hint most companies love it when you ask them to put food in your Tupperware) 

Do you have a mantra that you live by?
Leave the smallest footprint you possibly can

What do you think is the key to living a healthier life?
Eat fresh. Since going Zero Waste my waist band has stabilised. I always used to be a yoyo dieter and my jeans would be tight one month and loose the next. But since being ZW I now only buy fresh food and hardly have any food that will last years (that’s how you know it’s full of chemicals) so my options for food are healthy. 

What does your evening routine look like?
Buy, I usually go to my local zero waste shops and stock up for the week
Shower, I usually bike around town so I’m always in need of a good hot shower (with Lush products) 
Cook, I like to cook all my meals either for the next day or for the week
Edit, because I’m a freelance photographer I’m always working (but I love it!) 
Sleep, because I’ve become quite minimalist since being ZW packing my bag the night before is so simple and takes seconds

Do you have any self care rituals?
Shampoo and deodrant from Lush is essential to me. They come with no packaging and even though it took a good 3 months for my hair to wash out the chemicals from normal shampoos I now love it! It last’s twice as long without washing and looks healthier. Also natural deodorant is amazing! I’m too lazy to make it myself (although you can) Lush do a really good one that’s good value and makes for happy skin. 

Do you have any tips for people just beginning to live a more green life?
Try the best you can, most people feel like it’s too much pressure/effort to be more ZW. But I think as long as your aware of how much you are throwing away and try to keep this to a minimum then you are doing amazingly! 

What are some of your favorite "green" products?
Ohh I LOVE my Mooncup it’s been a life changer! It’s to replace Tampax as the average woman throws away around 10,000 Tampax in their lifetime (that’s an awful lot). I wanted to reduce this figure but couldn’t workout how until I discovered Mooncup. Their are also more products on the market now like Thinx but I’m yet to trial them (expect a full report soon). 

What do you think is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the long term?
Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, if you slip up and forget your Tuppware or eat too much chocolate it’s not the end of the world, just try your best. 

What do you know now that you wish you knew five years ago?
Me and Charlotte often say this, we look back at the life choices we made and shudder. We would say SO MUCH but to keep it short I’d say:
- Don’t use straws, they suck! 
- Stop using plastic bags
- Eat local, support local as much as you can
- buy second hand, we have a surplus of things in this world we don’t need to buy new anymore



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