3 reasons you need tea tree oil in your life


There have been a lot of talk about essential oils. But, what exactly are essential oils and why should we be using them?

Ok so think about going for a walk outside and you pass by a rose bush and can't help but stop and smell the amazing scent or you are in a grocery store and the smell of the lemons is really intoxicating. This fragrance isn't just for our personal enjoyment. The scent is actually the essentials oils in a plant and they help protect the plant from infection and aid in pollination. 

When you buy a little bottle of essential oils, it is extremely concentrated and that is why it has such a potent smell. I am an essential oils newbie but was very curious so I bought myself a beginner pack of oils. Now I use them daily and can't believe it took me so long to get on this train.

Tea tree oil is from a tree called Melaleuca Alternifolia from Australia. It's main function is to kill bacteria, fungus and viruses. Here are a few of my favorite beauty uses for Tea Tree Oil...

Z I T   Z A P P E R
When you have a pimple, put a little bit of tea tree oil on it and it will disappear overnight. The oil kills the bacteria on the zit and allows it to heal faster. This is such a better option than pimple creams with all those scary chemicals in them that make your skin flaky, red and dry. 

Ok, so your sweat doesn't actually make you smell like that dreaded stench of B.O. It is actually your sweat combined with the bacteria under your arms. Kill the bacteria and there will be no smell! Just put a little oil on your hands and dab it on your pits. Amazing. Also, did you know that your sweat doesn't give your white shirts those yellow stains? It's actually your deodorant. Tea tree oil doesn't leave those nasty stains. ALSO, your deodorant probably has aluminum in it (POISON). Do not put that shit into your beautiful body.

H A I R  H E A L T H
If you have a dry scalp or dandruff then you must begin using tea tree oil. Make a mask by combining tea tree and coconut oils and apply to your scalp and wash out after a few hours. Tea tree oil can even kill lice!

***DO NOT SWALLOW TEA TREE OIL AS IT IS TOXIC. Like, actually! A of couple weeks ago I was smelling it (it smells so good) and I got a very little bit on my lip and I licked it. I immediately got very dizzy. I googled it and apparently it is toxic if ingested. I even called poison control but they just told me to drink some water and relax.