Own your insecurities so they don't own you.

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I recently did a survey to understand my community a bit better.

I asked four questions.

1. What are you struggling the most with right now?
2. Why do you think you are struggling with this?
3. What is your biggest health goal?
4. What are you most insecure about?

I got an overwhelming amount of responses and as I read each one, I honestly felt really sad. I felt like a mama bear who wanted to hold each one of these people, comfort them and tell them that it’s all ok. Seeing a huge list of other’s internal battles was a big, shining reminder that everyone has struggles. Everyone has insecurities. Everyone wants to do better. Everyone is working through something internally. We all have our shit and no one is alone. And I am not sure that everyone remembers that.

We have all of these insecurities and internal battles and NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT THEM so we forget that we are not the only ones struggling. Moreover, we are not only insecure that we have cellulite (for example) but we are also ashamed to admit we are embarrassed of it.
So, we hide it. We don’t talk about it. We don’t own our faults, we bury them. But then what happens? We have these blocks in us that cause us shame and discomfort. They make our minds go crazy worrying about how all the strangers at the beach (that we’ll never see again) will judge our bodies and it keeps us from being able to enjoy the water, the sun, the outdoors, the quality time. It keeps us from being present.

What we don’t own, owns us. You don’t have to shout from the rooftops that you have cellulite or that you worry about if you're smart enough or attractive enough. But, repeat to yourself, “I am not unique. I am not the only one who is struggling. I am no longer going to let ______ have power over me. I love myself just as I am.”

You are not unique.

You are not the only one who doubts yourself or has insecurities about your physical appearance, personality or worth. YOU ARE NOT UNIQUE. You are not the only one who overthinks, is concerned about their weight, wants to look differently, etc. We are all humans. We are all going through something.

You are not unique.

So, a couple actionable steps you can take…

1. Like I said above, repeat to yourself, “I am not unique. I am not the only one who is struggling. I am no longer going to let ______ have power over me. I love myself just as I am.”

2. Talk to someone about your insecurities. Have an open, honest conversation and just share. Once we just put it out there, it does not have as much power over us. I think you will be surprised about how freeing this is. I guarantee the person you share with will also be willing to vulnerable and share what they’re struggling with as well. If you don’t feel like you have a safe space to speak about your struggles, feel free to sign up for a free DISCOVERY SESSION for a 1:1 with me.

3. Do my exercise on creating daily affirmations for yourself so that you can end the self-limiting beliefs.

Or, if you’re too lazy to click on the link, here is a quick rundown—


Make a list of all the self-limiting thoughts you tell yourself.

For example...

My skin looks tired.
I hate my clothes and have nothing to wear.
My arms are flabby.
I'm too tired to exercise.
No cares what I have to say.
I'm broke and can never afford that.

Next, write the complete opposite of that self-limiting belief.

For example...

My skin is smooth and glowing.
I have a closet full of beautiful clothes and I put this outfit together with the clothes that I love.
My arms are strong, toned and can lift heavy things.
I slept soundly and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.
I am intelligent, interesting and people care whatI have to say.
I have an abundance of money and can buy the things that I need. 

Repeat this NEW list to yourself daily. It doesn't matter if the new mantra isn't 100% true yet. However, if you tell yourself you're constantly overweight then you're going to continue to make decisions based on that belief. if you tell yourself that you are beautiful and worthy, you will make decisions based on that new sense of self-love. With anything in life, you are more likely to take better care of the things you love.


If you’re relying on willpower to get healthy, you’re doing it wrong.