We have probably all heard about chlorophyll from science class in elementary school. But for most of us that was many years ago, so here is a refresher. So basically, chlorophyll is the green pigment inside plants that helps the plant absorb sunlight which is vital for photosynthesis. So, thank you chlorophyll!!! 

I went into a vitamin and health food store the other day and asked the guy working there, "What is one health thing that I need in my life." (Because, ya know, that's just my life) He responded that I should add chlorophyll to my smoothies or drink a spoonful of it in a glass of water and that it will change my life. Ok, sold. 

Side note: I also bought this Thai Crystal Deodorant and I am absolutely crazy about it because it is all natural (no aluminum!!) and doesn't make you smell bad like other natural deodorants. Game Changer!!!

Ok, back to Chlorophyll. Here are fifteen benefits of this new (to my life) product that I am beginning to L.O.V.E.

1. Chlorophyll is a natural body detoxifier. It clings to metals and other harsh chemicals in the body and pushes them out. yes, please!
2. Helps prevent premature aging
3. Cleans your body from the inside out
4. Fights the cold
5. Reduces fatigue
6. Aids in healthy digestion
7. It is full of living enzymes which help clean the blood cells and help them to carry more oxygen
8. Helps fight off carcinogens in the body AND helps to prevent the body from absorbing dangerous toxins
9. Contains many antioxidants that fight free-radicals in the body
10. Detoxes the liver. Everything we eat and drink passes through the liver. It is very important to keep it healthy!
11. Promotes healthy and firm skin
12. Helps relieve yourself of constipation and cleans the colon
13. Reduces bad breathe and body odor
14. Heals wounds and prevents infections by killing bacteria
15. Boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss

There are two ways that I have been taking in this super magical green potion- pouring a teaspoon in with a glass of cold water and mixing it in with my regular smoothie. I admit, drinking it plain with just water is definitely an acquired taste but still very manageable. However, I find it much more enjoyable to mix a teaspoon in with my morning smoothie, despite the greenish brown color it turns.