how to stay healthy while on vacation


The holidays are almost here and almost everyone I know is traveling somewhere- either on a tropical vacation, ski trip or just back home to spend quality time with their family. When we get thrown off our routine, it's really easy to lose our way. We don't have our gym, kitchen or blender and we have all these holiday parties to attend! Ah, life is tough. After a holiday, I just always dread coming home and feeling as if I need a vacation from my vacation. 

It's important to know that Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years are just days like any others. It doesn't mean that you have to go wild and blow all of your hard work. If you want to have a couple more cocktails or bowls of vegan ice cream than normal, then go for it. But then, get your shit together and move on. One cheat meal doesn't need to turn into a whole week of debauchery. Here are some tips on how to have a healthier holiday and stay on the feel-good-wellness-train. 

P L A N E  A C C O R D I N G L Y
I don't know what it is about planes, even if it's just a couple hour flight, I am always hungry and wanting to snack. Don't wait until you get to the airport to buy food. Usually it is just a bunch of processed crap that costs way too much money. I started bringing my own food on the plane and it is a game changer. I'll make homemade trail mix, date balls, or even rice with roasted vegetables. You can bring basically anything besides liquid. Also, if you're traveling long distances and the plane is serving a meal, you can request to make it vegan. Just make sure to do it a few days ahead of time- usually on the app or online.

G E T  Y O U R  G O O D S
Whether you are staying at a hotel or your parent's house- you should make it a point to go to the grocery store and get some basics to ensure you have a few different healthy breakfast and snack options. You don't want to get stuck eating food out of the mini bar. Don't put your health and wellness into the hands of anyone else. The food you consume is one of the only things you have control over in this crazy world. Eating good food and feeling your best should be a top priority and you should take small steps like having whole foods on hand to guarantee success. Don't make it harder on yourself. This isn't all about fitting into your skinny jeans, this is about long term health and preventing disease. 

S H A R E  T H E  G O O D N E S S
If you have a kitchen available, offer to make lunch or a few different plant based sides for dinner. Many people think eating healthy is boring so take initiative and show your family that it is actually amazing! I suggest you don't even advertise that what you're making is vegan or extremely healthy- wait until they compliment the dish. 
If there is no home cooked meals being made, research some vegan or healthy restaurants in the area and suggest taking the crew there. 

S E T   I N T E N T I O N S
Before I go on any trip, I like to set an intention and make a plan. Say to yourself, "I am going to move my body everyday while on vacation." or "I am only going to drink after the sun goes down." or "I am going to eat raw until 4 pm." or "I am going to finish reading my book."  Whatever it is that you want to stick to, make a plan and say it aloud. This will help yourself to be more accountable. You may go off track a little bit, but that's ok. Let's say you eat a greasy, fried meal that leaves you feeling exhausted and irritable. That doesn't mean that for the rest of the day you have to be a piece of shit. Every minute you have the decision of who you want to be in the next moment. Go back to your intention and move forward with your day. 

G E T  M O V I N G
Winter Break is a week where you should have lots of free time. What is more perfect to do in your spare time than exercise? You will, however, most likely be surrounded by friends and family nonstop with little to no alone time. Exercise is the perfect excuse to step away for a moment and recharge. I find that moving my body is the quickest and most efficient way to bring myself to the present moment and connect my body and mind. Take time on your trip to care for yourself and give yourself some love and attention. Don't be lazy or make excuses. Just do it. Challenge yourself to feel better and healthier when you return from your vacation than when you left.