3 simple ways to stay healthy while on vacation


The sun is shining and snow is melting… spring is approaching soon and with that comes the coveted, highly anticipated spring break trip. Whether you’re heading to a tropical destination, or gearing up to go skiing, as always you want your body to be in optimal condition. Sure, it’s essential to take a break and have a restful, relaxing break, but that shouldn’t necessarily mean letting oneself go. Besides, before you know it, you’ll be running on the same schedule wondering why you didn’t utilize spring break to its fullest extent. Without further ado, here are 3 tips on how to make the most of your spring break in a healthy and cognizant manner.

1. Find a Friend

Personally, I’m already getting nervous thinking about going on a girls trip and completely splurging… in all regards. When expressing my concerns to my close friend, we both agreed that we would try to work out every day to keep feeling strong and fit, but if we could not get to the gym, we would do yoga every morning. It’s much easier to stick to a regular workout routine when a friend that feels the same way is willing to put in the work- so now, both people will keep each other from completely spiraling off.

2. Stay Active by Exploring

Relaxation is critical. We need to give our bodies time to rest, especially on vacation. But if we’re traveling somewhere truly worth remembering, why not choose to venture out? Take a walk on the beach. Find a new trail. Make sure the break you take is WORTH taking. We get so caught up in the minutiae of daily life/ stick to the same workout routines, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to remain at least slightly active in a newer environment?

3. Take It All In… But Don’t Feel Guilty

It’s always very difficult to stick with a diet while traveling, and I’m sure we have all experienced the feeling of coming back from vacation and regretting our eating habits. However, neither dwelling nor splurging are healthy habits. If you’re willing to try something that you can’t normally eat back home, why not try it? But remember that even if you’re on vacation, you still have to get back to your routine eventually. Keep in check with what your body wants, needs, and craves, and you’re bound to generally stick to your normal eating habits.

Traveling shouldn’t evoke stress in the slightest bit- staying true to your personal outlook on health and dietary choices helps with minimizing any previous or forthcoming stress. One week should not deter you from all you’ve worked to maintain as well as all that you continue to maintain. Soak up the sun, but get ready to be thrown back into the swing of things-more relaxed, and as healthy, as ever.