my favorite superfoods


Healthy eating and living is on the come up. Nowadays, people constantly look for ways to further improve their health and wellbeing through the newest fad diet or exercise trend. With all of these “trends,” superfoods are up and coming and now more accessible than ever. Although there is a preconceived notion that healthy food doesn’t taste good, and is therefore not enjoyable, superfoods are tasty and extremely beneficial for their own individual reasons. A total win-win situation. Walk into any grocery store and you’ll find every flavor of kombucha imaginable, or walk into a local cafe and you’re bound to see an acai bowl or matcha latte on the menu. People may be hesitant at first to try these obscurities, but once you try, you don’t stop. If you ask me, you STAY winning.

Without further ado, here are my six favorite superfoods.


Acai is a rich, purple berry that comes from Brazil, however, it contains significantly more antioxidants than other berries do. These antioxidants neutralize free radicals, contain healthy fats, and have relatively low amounts of sugar. Acai is also known to aid with digestion while counteracting inflammation. Incorporating acai into one’s diet is fairly simple- it can be bought as a frozen fruit puree, powder, or juice, which makes it easy to add to smoothies or even for creating acai bowls at home!


Although kombucha used to be an old remedy to help with digestion, it is now extremely popular amongst self-proclaimed health food gurus and those willing to emulate. Kombucha consists of black tea and sugar that is later fermented using microbes of bacteria and yeast. The fermentation process results in beneficial probiotics and bacteria throughout the drink that promote gut health, detoxify the liver, and improve digestion. A high dose of Vitamin B in the drink also fuels our bodies, leading to increased energy.


Personally, I am a firm believer in that green tea solves all of your problems. Seriously, test it out. Green tea is beyond awesome in its purest form, but when the tea leaves are ground into matcha, you get all the benefits and then some. Matcha is rich in antioxidants, one of which includes catechins, which are known to have cancer fighting properties. It also boosts metabolism, burns fat, and overall detoxifies. Its high level of L-theanine, an amino acid found in most teas, is commonly used in meditative practices and replicates a state of relaxation throughout the mind and body. Matcha is becoming almost too easy to incorporate into one’s diet- drinking matcha tea or using matcha powder in practically anything is a great way to start.


Flaxseeds contain omega-3 ALA fatty acids, which is one of the essential fatty acids proven to improve heart health by preventing hardening of the arteries. Large amounts of lignans are also found in flaxseeds and have antioxidant qualities that interfere with the growth of tumor cells and prevent inflammation. They are also often used as a plant protein to improve immune function. When integrating flaxseed into a diet, it is important to note that in order to get all of its benefits, it is better for the flaxseed to be ground. The little seeds make an excellent finishing touch to oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, or even peanut or almond butter for that matter!


Maca is root plant native to Peru and is found in the cruciferous family along with broccoli and brussels sprouts. Don’t get too excited- it’s traditionally found in powder form. Not only is maca a good source of fiber, complex carbs, and protein, which overall improves energy, but it is also relatively low in fat. It contains a high amount of flavonoids, which are known to strengthen psychological function. Its powder form enables any so-called foodie to take it as a supplement, or add it to smoothies or baked goods for a slight butterscotch flavor. so good. 


Ch-ch-ch-chia! Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they’re not powerful. Chia seeds help boost energy, promote healthy skin, and support both the heart and digestive systems. They are also filled with both soluble and insoluble fiber, are used as plant proteins, and contain omega-3 fats. With all of these nutritional benefits, you’re bound to feel fuller for longer and notice inflammation within your body decrease. Not only are chia seeds versatile for their never-ending benefits, but they are versatile when added to a diet! Sprinkle chia onto any smoothie bowl, yogurt, or oatmeal, blend in a smoothie for a nutty texture, or even try (and maybe fail, but at least you did try) make homemade chia pudding! Try our recipe here

Improving health doesn’t necessarily entail making drastic lifestyle changes right off the bat. Big changes occur when small, yet effective steps are taken. Simply knowing about the benefits of numerous, wholesome ingredients can set you on a path for healthy living always.