Is it time to go gf, gf?

Odds are you or someone in your tight circle is or has tried going gluten free. A lot of the time, it’s better to go gluten free when you have celiac’s disease or a certain gluten intolerance. Other times, people swear that they feel lighter and more energetic when they are not consuming any gluten. Yes, reducing your gluten intake may reduce inflammation and leave one feeling overall better, but it’s important to note that a lot of gluten free substitutes have added sugars, salt, and preservatives, and contain wayyyy less fiber. if you’re already eliminating a major food group from your diet, why not do it the natural way? here are 5 naturally gluten free alternatives to your favorite foods:

  1. Pasta- instead of buying regular or whole wheat pasta, opt for brown rice, quinoa, or chickpea-based pasta. both brown rice and quinoa pasta have more fiber than regular pasta made out of white flour, and chickpea pasta has loads more protein. all 3 options keep you feeling fuller for longer!
  2. Bread- sure, gluten free bread sounds like a healthy alternative until you realize how much extra stuff is being added to it. bread made out of almond flour or rice flour contains less preservatives and can be just as tasty as any regular loaf. no need to sacrifice those bread cravings any longer!
  3. Granola- personally, I have a weak spot for granola and find an excuse to put it on everything. however, a lot of brand name granola is not gluten free and contains countless added sugars. when you look into it, a gluten or grain free granola with minimal sweeteners is super easy to find and just as tasty as any other granola.
  4. Oats- it’s easy to think that oats don’t have gluten because of their other beneficial factors, but much to your dismay, that hot, comforting bowl of oatmeal you ate for breakfast most likely contained whole grains. naturally gluten-free oats taste just the same, keep you feeling full just as long as regular oats do, and contain the same amount of fiber. 
  5. Crackers- cheese and… enriched bleached flour? no thank you. crackers are super easy to munch on, but unknowingly add empty, unnecessary calories. crackers made out of almond, rice, or quinoa flour are becoming more accessible and usually come with other yummy ingredients, like flax or chia seeds. if you’re going to snack, why not do so in a wholesome way?

with “gluten free” being advertised nonstop, it’s easy to get wrapped up and think you’re switching to a healthier lifestyle when that may not be the case. because people are becoming more aware of the extra, unneeded ingredients added into gluten free products, a crazy amount of delicious, yet nutritious alternatives are incorporated into today’s market. there’s no longer a need to sacrifice your favorite foods to obtain a gluten free lifestyle- you’ll be feeling both full and fulfilled.