a healthy halloween


Fall is truly one of the best points in the year. You’re bound to see beautiful sights as you walk, you have an excuse to pull out that cute, cozy jacket from the back of your closet, and who doesn’t love anything pumpkin-related? With the weather getting colder, you have all the more reason to stay inside and snuggle up on the couch, or better yet, treat yourself to a “few” pieces of the Halloween candy that you have gathered for trick-or-treaters. 

Emphasis on the “few” because admittedly, we all can get carried away when candy is at our disposal. Every. Where. We. Look. It’s important to remember that even if you sneak in one fun-sized candy bar, you are still consuming potentially hazardous ingredients. Most chocolate candies contain milk fat, palm oil, or even hydrogenated oils, which are all saturated fats that block your arteries. And let’s be real-ALL candy (yes, candy corn too) has inconceivable amounts of sugar. Not just regular sugar either- corn syrup, glucose syrup, dextrose, and even glycerin- a substance derived from animal bones! Do I even have to mention the artificial colors and flavors that have the power to cause cancer?

If you decide to buy regular candy, try opting for dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. If you’re feeling daring, try buying vegan peanut butter cups (I will gladly attest to vegan peanut butter cups tasting SOOOO much better than regular ones) or trying out recipes for the healthier versions of your favorite candies at home! 

Let’s not forget about getting active either! Getting a costume ready can be stressful enough, so finding ways to cope with that stress through exercise can get you ready to take on costume parties and trick-or-treaters alike. A lot of gyms have Halloween specials, or simply getting fresh air by going apple or pumpkin-picking is enough to combat any tricks or treats in your future. 

No matter how you spend Halloween, it’s surely a holiday worth enjoying.
Why not enjoy it WHILE taking care of yourself?


Almond Butter Cups

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

raspberry watermelon and lime popsicles 

strawberry date bites

blueberry-coconut date bites

pb + j shake