Improve your health by raising your self-worth


Forget everything that you think you know about health.

The diets. 
The restrictions.
The calorie counting. 
The endless exercising.
The scales.

No more. 

For so long all I wanted was to be "healthy". To me, this meant to not obsess about food anymore, to not be constantly hungry, to not crave junk food, to have strong willpower, to exercise regularly and to have an effortlessly “perfect” body. For years, I tried different fad diets, consistently exercised, read endless "self help" books, did juice cleanses, yoga classes, cut out processed food, became vegan, meditated, saw naturopaths, took supplements- all the things. 

Why did I still not feel completely healthy?

I am realizing it is because my relationship with myself was completely askew. I didn't know if I ever believed I was even worthy or capable of reaching the level of health that I desired. I looked at other people who had what I wanted and instead of thinking, they did this, so I can too! I thought, Well, they are/have more of _____  pretty pictures/yoga/live in big city/wealthy/beautiful/older/younger/fancy degree/style/following/confidence/etc. and that's why they could do it, but since I don't have  ____ I couldn't do/have it.  Everyone I looked up to, I found something they had MORE of than I did and found that as an excuse as why they could have what I wanted and I couldn't. 


Why did/do I have the limiting mindset that I was not worthy of having exactly what I desired. That's so messed up. Why is that a thing? Where did I pick that up? Just, whhhyy??

When it comes to your health you must believe that you are WORTHY of it and that it's your birthright. BECAUSE IT IS.

You must understand that health is not about dieting and willpower.
It is about self-worth and love. 

Diets do not work in the long run. They will never be successful because they are based on LIMITS instead of ABUNDANCE and BALANCE.
Huh? Yes, you must cultivate an abundance and balance mindset. You must understand and deeply believe that you are deserving of all the beautiful things you long for. 

It's incredibly difficult to lose weight and then maintain it with a diet because you are changing nothing about your LIFE besides restricting some foods and adding in an exercise routine. When you lose the momentum or reach your goal weight-  what next?  Most of the time, you go back to your old way of living and the pounds creep back on. But, what if instead of the diet you were to make mindset shifts? What if you had deep, honest conversations with yourself and discovered WHY you reach for food when you're feeling lonely, bored, stressed or sad.
It temporarily makes you feel better, right? What's off in your life that makes you feel lonely, bored, stressed or sad in the first place? Is it your relationship, job, spirituality, home life, friendships? Once you pinpoint what it is that causes the trigger for you to want to reach for food- and then work to improve that area of your life- you will find that you aren't reaching for food for comfort anymore. Then, the weight loss, clear skin, energy, etc. those are just side effects of finding BALANCE. 

Ok, so that's the balance portion. Next, is the ABUNDANCE. And, this falls right in line with SELF WORTH (believing you deserve all that you desire)
You must must must work to repair the relationship with yourself and with this, you'll find a flow of abundance in all areas of your life. When you're struggling with weight issues, I find you're also struggling with self-love.

If you do not love yourself, you will never be able to reach and maintain your health goals.  

Feeling worthy is a long journey with many peaks and valleys. I think a good place to start is by continuing to have open, honest communication with yourself. Dig deep. Analyze your habits and triggers and discover why you may do the things that you do.  Hint: you probably picked up behaviors in childhood and early teens.
(For example: when you were younger, you witnessed your dad making negative comments about women's weight. So, you subconsciously believe that you must be thin and beautiful in order to be loved.) 
Even just by pinpointing these moments, you can begin the work to reprogram them. Slowly, you'll be able to remove the masks that you wear based on what you thought you needed to be in order to be loved and accepted.

What you'll have left is yourself- whole and authentic.