5 ways to pack more efficiently

                  Lux Lake  Necklace ($120)    J Brand  tank ( similar here )    Ray Ban  Shades ( sold here )  

                  Lux Lake Necklace ($120)   J Brand tank (similar here)   Ray Ban Shades (sold here)  

My boyfriend and I are going on a road trip this week from Detroit to West Palm Beach, FL. This is a twenty hour drive. yikes!

Growing up, my family would drive across the country to Colorado for our annual out west ski trip. The kids would sit in the back watching Family Guy for 1,200 miles so consequently, sitting in a car for 20+ hours never felt too strenuous. This time I will be expected to be a quality co-pilot and in the driver's seat for at least 8 of the 20 hour drive. Thank god we are flying home. 

I am not stressed about the journey ahead as I like exploring different parts of the country and my boyfriend and I do well in tight spaces. Plus, after the cross-country road trip we will be lounging on the beach and frolicking in the ocean for five days straight-all is well that ends well. 

For most people before a vacation, packing is the daunting part. Lucky for you, I have figured out how to pack efficiently and effectively by always sticking to my number one travel rule- always carry on. Less is more, people! That's right. I never, ever check a bag- even if it means only packing two pairs of shoes- gasp!  I am so die hard about this rule that I am implementing it on this road trip, even though we are driving down in a massive SUV.

Of course there are different packing essentials for different types of trips. Here are my best tips for packing  and some outfit inspiration for a road trip turned beach vacation.


Lux Lake necklace ($120) Rebecca Taylor top ( sold here ) Oakley shades ( sold here )  Palomo Barcelo e  spadrilles (  sold here  )  Tolani  shorts ( similar here )

Lux Lake necklace ($120) Rebecca Taylor top (sold here) Oakley shades (sold herePalomo Barcelo espadrilles (sold here) Tolani shorts (similar here)

Yes, I will be in the car for the first leg of the trip but that doesn't mean I should sacrifice my personal style. Plan out an outfit that is comfortable yet stylish so when you make pit stops you still feel confident. After all, you never know who you might bump into at a Kentucky truck stop! We are planning stops in Knoxville and Atlanta so I want outfits that are good for the road as well as exploring these cities. I also suggest packing a separate, smaller bag than your main carry on that contains only items you need for the road trip portion. This will keep your belongings organized while on the road. 


Lux Lake necklace ($120) J.Crew shorts ( sold here )  Palomo Barcelo E  spadrilles ( similar here   )    Yigal Azrouel  scarf ( similar here ) Purse (vintage) 

Lux Lake necklace ($120) J.Crew shorts (sold herePalomo Barcelo Espadrilles (similar hereYigal Azrouel scarf (similar here) Purse (vintage) 

Lux Lake  Necklace  ($120) Equipment  Blouse ( similar here )  Palomo Barcelo                              E spadrilles ( sold here )  J.Crew  Shorts ( similar here )  YSL  Clutch ( similar here )

Lux Lake Necklace ($120) Equipment Blouse (similar here) Palomo Barcelo                              Espadrilles (sold here) J.Crew Shorts (similar here) YSL Clutch (similar here)

How many times have you come back from a trip and half of the clothes went unworn? Planning your outfits ahead of time is a necessity when traveling. Don't just aimlessly toss items into your weekender! If you lay out items you will be sure you have a top to go with every short and vice versa. As a bonus, this will also cut down on time that it takes to get ready to go out- your significant other will be very pleased! It has never hurt anyone to be more organized. Write down how many days you will be on your trip. How many outfits do you need per day? Be realistic. You don't need to bring every single "favorite shirt" you own. Check the weather and make sure what you are bringing is suitable for the conditions. Be honest with yourself when packing. Are you really going to wear that? Get rid of the "just in case" clothes and pack strategically. 


Vince  Shorts ( similar here ) Tod's loafers ( Similar Here )   Ray Ban  Shades ( sold here )  Johnny Was  Blouse ( sold here )  Lux Lake  Bracelet ($68) Purse (Vintage)

Vince Shorts (similar here) Tod's loafers (Similar Here)  Ray Ban Shades (sold here) Johnny Was Blouse (sold here) Lux Lake Bracelet ($68) Purse (Vintage)

Dressing monochromatically is chic, timeless and really hard to screw up. It's also great for traveling when you can only bring so many different outfits.When packing, stick to a similar color pallet so that everything you pack matches and you can make a variety of looks with the items you have. Yes, you can wear the same shirt multiple times and no, no one will care or notice. Simplify your life and pack monochromatic then add pops of color via a Lux Lake statement necklace and bracelet or a unique purse. 


Lux Lake  necklaces ($120 each)  Veronica Beard  dress ( sold here ) Beaded Purse (vintage)  J.Crew  sandals ( sold here ) 

Lux Lake necklaces ($120 each) Veronica Beard dress (sold here) Beaded Purse (vintage) J.Crew sandals (sold here

While planning your outfits prior to packing, look out for pieces that easily translate from day to night. This Veronica Beard sundress is great for daytime activities and can be elevated for nighttime apparel with the addition of a great wedge, clutch, or scarf. Of course, I always wear my Lux Lake necklaces and bracelets day or night. What is great about Lux Lake pieces is that they go seamlessly with any attire. They elevate a basic daytime look and add a touch of flair to your going out clothes. They are effortless and easy. I love easy. 


Finally, it is important to keep some room in your bag for extra keepsakes you may find on your travels. You never know what you may find at an estate sale on the road or at a funky antique store. Buy items that are one of a kind and special to the location you are traveling to. You can go to a Saks anywhere but that funky hole in the wall local shop is one of a kind. 

Keep your life simple when away from your home base and take time to enjoy your new surroundings. 

Look out for a travel journal coming soon!

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