compliments that aren't about physical appearance

There are a lot of "you're so beautiful", "you have a great ass" and "I wish I had your skin"s thrown around but I rarely witness compliments that aren't about physical appearance. We all know the phrase, "It's on the inside that counts". But, in our crazy world that rule doesn't get followed. There is way too much focus on what is happening on the outside- weight gain/loss, race, hair color, possessions, etc. I am making a conscious effort to stop judging people based on their looks- positive or negative. I am a pretty accepting person, but I judge people all the time without even noticing. (They look rich, she dyes her hair, they didn't say thank you, she is really pretty, he left the toilet seat up, she is wearing a lot of make up, those kids are eating really unhealthy food.) Along with dropping the judgements, I want to begin seeing people and situations for what they truly are. When you admire or criticize someone for their looks, you are just seeing a false reality. None of that is real. What is real, is what's going on on the inside. It's on the inside that counts, remember?

I challenge you to give compliments that reflect the way that you feel deep in your heart. End jumping to conclusions about someone by just their physical appearance. Learn about them and express REAL feelings and honest compliments. Don't be afraid to give a genuine compliment because you are afraid to open up or be vulnerable. I've done that too. Open yourself up to the universe and the people around you and you will be greatly rewarded.

-We'd be good friends
-My mom would love you
-That is a very rational statement
-You're very original
-I like the way you enunciate your words
-you get me
-I want to get your opinion on this
-You should run for President
-You're always so well prepared
-Your breathe smells really nice in the morning
-Silence isn't awkward with you
-You and Kate Middleton would get along great
-I like the way you organized your bookshelf
-You should teach a class on that
-My day was so boring until now
-I bet you could do stand up comedy
-I'm so happy we met
-You made that?!
-You're really good at parallel parking
-You make me feel safe
-I bet you get out of bed really easily in the morning
-I'm grateful for you
-I can tell you have good work ethic
-I can be myself around you
-Don't be afraid to share your message
-You matter
-You're a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for
-You make people feel good about themselves
-You'd be a good mom/dad
-That was very witty
-You're a good friend
-You're always on time
-You inspired me to start doing this