daily affirmations: how a few words can change your day


Do you ever wake up in the morning and for no reason at all feel blah? Me neither. ha, just kidding. I will have an incredibly productive day. I will accomplish everything on my to-do list, I will eat well, I will have exercised, I had quality time with my fiancee, I'll have gotten to bed at a reasonable time feeling fantastic and yet somehow I will wake up the next morning, and for whatever reason, I feel unproductive, I want to stay in bed, have no interest in working out, feel a little lost and have a bit of an attitude. What the hell happened? I'm not exactly sure. But what I do know is how to quickly get myself out of that little funk and get moving again....

affirmations. Daily affirmations are life. 

When I am feeling a bit off, no matter what time of day or type of situation I am in, I close my eyes and repeat an affirmation to myself. This pulls me back to the present. This gives me back my confidence. This gets me back on track. This keeps me moving in the right direction. I have a lot of goals and a lot of dreams. I don't have the time to be feeling sorry for myself or insecure. When you find yourself needing a push, try one of these affirmations. Close your eyes and repeat it to yourself until you feel that "I got this!" attitude. 

let go. 
get healthy food into your body.
remember why you started.
care for your body. 
alright, let's do this. 
Be patient.
You are going to make it. 
You deserve this. 
Does this help me reach my goal?
You are good enough.
Make it happen. 
Who are you?
I believe in the person I want to become. 
Work for it. 
It gets better. 
You are strong. 
Eat mindfully. 
You are enough. 
I am doing this for me. 
How will this choice affect my goal?
Take action. 
Now, not tomorrow. 
Does this nourish me?
You're a bad ass.
Fight for it. 
Be grateful. 
I know who I am. 
Today is a new day. 
Fight for it. 
Trust the process.
Prove yourself.
Slow progress is better than no progress. 
Just keep moving forward.