I am my own valentine


I am deciding to take stand against the traditional Valentine's Day. This holiday, unlike the others, makes people feel really bad about themselves and that's bullshit. Holidays are meant to bring people together. However, if you are not in a relationship you feel as if no one loves you and if you are in a relationship, you expect your partner to get you flowers or spend money on you to show their affection. Why? Why does February 14, which is really just an ordinary day like any other, have so much power over us?

I realize I am very lucky to be in a loving relationship. I don't need flowers or vegan chocolates on Valentine's day for me to understand that. I feel love everyday in small ways like when he lays his head on my lap with watching TV or when he makes the bed in the morning, even when I am out of town, because he knows it's important to me. So yes, I know he loves me and I do not need a fake holiday to prove it. Instead, I have decided to be my own Valentine. I am taking the pledge to make Valentine's Day all about self love. I am going to do the things that make me happy and feel fulfilled. I refuse to be critical of myself in anyway. I will not look at myself in the mirror and wish that anything, not even a single hair, was different. Instead, I will compliment myself and notice things that I appreciate and am grateful for. I will not feel sorry for myself. I will not over analyze. I will not worry. I will enjoy the day. I will have this day and every other Valentine's Day in the future be a day dedicated to my own well being. After all, the greatest love of all should be the love you have with yourself. Who is with me?

More ways to show yourself LOVE
-take a bubble bath
-get fresh air
-look in the mirror and do not judge
-make a list of the things you are grateful for
-tell yourself "I love you"
-shave your legs
-put a face mask on
-deep condition your hair with coconut oil
-make a plant based meal that will nourish you
-clean your home and make it very comfortable
-wash your sheets
-write in a journal
-do something you wouldn't normally do
-have a meal or drink by yourself
-organize your purse and wallet
-make a to do list
-drink water
-go for a walk
-finish a book
-sleep in without an alarm
-turn off your cell phone
-soak your feet in epsom salt
-lay with your legs up against a wall
-take deep breaths
-look in the mirror and stare deep into your eyes