The first step to breaking any bad habit.

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My little experiment of SELF-AWARENESS was inspired by some hefty sugar cravings that started this Fall. I noticed that I was consuming and craving sugar on a daily basis. (I should note that for the last couple of years, I never craved dessert and didn’t consume many sweets) However, these days I’m eating dessert pretty much everyday, had a pint of vegan cookie dough ice cream in my freezer and had a legit cookie jar with chocolate-mint cookies in them. I was creating these unhealthy habits without even thinking about them. A craving would hit and before I knew it I was walking down the street with an ice cream cone. All of this is fine, yes, but it wasn’t making me feel well. And to me, that’s something I value above pretty much all else. So, instead of doing what I used to do- go on a diet. I decided to listen to my body, listen to my mind and try to listen to my subconscious. I wanted to become deeply self-aware of my habits, my go-to’s and my cravings. I wanted to identify these patterns and see what I needed to improve in myself and also what I was excelling at. After all, the first step to evolution and growth is identifying what needs work.

I noticed many things:

My posture while sitting at a table is atrocious. I lean on my super double-jointed left arm, slumped over with my legs crossed. I eat quickly. I never use a knife (I like, break apart the food with my fork on a slant?) I check my phone while out at restaurants. I take huge bites. I rush. I finish my whole plate without even really thinking about it. I scoop my food with my fork instead of making bites with the prongs. I save all the good bites for the end, which means that the majority of my bites are not as good so I always eat everything. Instead of eating the best bites first and then seeing if I am still hungry for the not-as-good bites. Ah, so many things about the way I eat my food that I have never noticed before.

I am consciously working on my table manners. I am trying to keep two feet on the ground and my back up straight. I am eating slower and asking myself if the dish is satisfying or if I even like it, and if so, what do I like about it? I am trying to spend more time chewing, cut my food into smaller bites, breathe while I eat, slow it down- all these extremely basic things that for some reason I have completely deserted.


I set my alarm clock for 6:50am every morning. (also, this alarm has an alert attached to it that says CARPE DIEM!) This time rolls around and I instantly hit snooze (Not very CARPE DIEM!). I realized that I have been doing this for as long as I can remember. It seems harmless but every single morning I am starting a new day by breaking a commitment to myself. Why do I feel so comfortable breaking commitments to myself but not others? In what other areas of my life am repeating this pattern?

Instead of just getting up at 6:50am, I am setting my alarm for the time I intend on waking up that day. Sometimes it is earlier and sometimes it is later. However, before I go to sleep, I ask myself, what time do I need to get up in the morning? Then, I just do it.

Wake up with the sun and no alarm clock necessary.

Sugar is just highly addictive and I broke the seal while eating sweets everyday on my honeymoon and now I just can’t help myself. So, I am just trying to set and follow strict boundaries. This boundary is NO. I am just saying NO if it is not a HELL YES. If it’s the yummiest vegan treat ever, then yea, I’ll treat myself. If chocolate ice cream is the only vegan option, then it’s a NO because I’m a vanilla girl!

I am getting up in the morning and instantly pouring myself a cup of cold brew, lots of ice and straw (after I brush my teeth and tongue scrap, obviously). I used to have a massive jar of water. Literally, a jar. Now I have been noticing it will be noon and I have barely had a glass of water. I’ve also ditched my water bottle. Not ok.

I am forcing myself to break this habit and drinking a big jug of water first thing and not allowing myself to have coffee until it’s finished- such a good motivator!

So many more little things I have noticed related to exercise, self-love, the diversity of clothes I wear (or lack there of). All the things. All I know for sure is that being super SELF-AWARE is the absolute best way to begin making positive shifts. We live our lives just going with the flow, never stopping to think about what we are doing and why we are doing it. We rarely self-reflect on the seemingly small things in our lives just when something BIG happens to us. I’m beginning to understand that all of these mini decisions we make all throughout our day, add up to something huge- who we are today.

From childhood, we establish these mindsets, attitudes and subconscious patterns and we carry them with us our entire lives. Are you living the most effectively? Are you living true to you? Are you stuck in your patterns? Are you evolving?

I challenge you to take a week. Notice all the little things you do and question them. See where you can do better.


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