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MAINTAIN is designed for clients who have already worked with Madeline and would like to additional sessions for deeper healing or support.
This package include 6 sessions, each 30 minutes long, to be used over the course of 6 months.

The one-on-one programs are designed to get clients in a place where they are managing their health independently. However, similar to exercise, meditation, spirituality or diet, health is a practice and needs continuous attention. MAINTAIN provides clients with an opportunity to continue working with Madeline on their own terms. Depending on the amount of support you desire, with this package, clients can all of the sessions in a single week or spread out over six months.

With MAINTAIN, the sessions are much more fluid and the assignments and journal prompts are dependent on the client’s specific needs.




  • MAINTAIN is designed for clients who have already done a health coaching program with Madeline
    and would like additional sessions.

  • If you’re looking for extra support, want to take your practice deeper, or just enjoy the weekly sessions,
    MAINTAIN is perfect for you.

  • Like any practice (meditation, fitness, spirituality or diet) it takes daily work. MAINTAIN is for clients who prefer to work with a coach after the program has ended instead of independently.


  • This package include 6 sessions, each 30 minutes long, to be used over the course of 6 months.

  • Once purchased, you have the freedom to book your sessions as you need extra support along your journey or we can set a standing appointment, whatever amount of support you feel like you need.

  • Each session is 30 minutes and will be over the phone.

  • MAINTAIN is designed specifically to fit you and your needs. Each journal prompt and assignment will be related to your specific goals.

  • Unlimited text and email communication so you will feel supported at all times.

  • A safe, judgement free space where you can open up and know everything that is said is in complete, strict confidence.

  • An individualized newsletter after each session with specific resources per your health goals.

  • A partner in this journey that will keep you 100% accountable and give you the tools to become your best self.




6 pack program


  • The MAINTAIN Six Pack Program is $300.

  • There are no limits to the amount of packages you may purchase, once this package has completed, you may purchase another or purchase multiple at a time.

  • All programs are final sale and there are no refunds.

  • MAINTAIN will expire 6 months after the purchasing date.

  • For more information, please check out FAQ or email