why you need to clean your makeup brushes

Fact: I don't like to wear makeup because it makes my face feel dirty and gives me anxiety. Is that weird? I still own a little makeup (cruelty free, of course) and a few brushes for emergency situations. Awhile back, I was putting some powder on my cheeks before going to an event. I looked at my brush and thought, "I won't even put a slightly used hand towel to my face, why am I rubbing this makeup brush, that has never been washed, all over my skin? It made me squirm a little bit. Actually, a lot. We shower, wash our clothes, go on juice cleanses, change our sheets and get weekly pedicures. So why aren't we cleaning our make up brushes religiously also? In fact, you should be cleaning them weekly. If you have sensitive skin, like me, you should do it after every use.

A C N E  +  B A C T E R I A
Your brushes accumulate all sorts of bacteria. Then you transfer all those germs to your make up and then rub them all over your face which will clog your pores. How ironic that most people wear make up to cover up imperfections while they are actually just feeding the beast. Additionally, when you are putting the brush to your face, it is collecting all of the dead skin cells and oils that are on your skin. As you can imagine, this leads to breakouts. 

$ $ $
Routinely washing your makeup brushes causes them to last longer and it also keeps your makeup from spoiling. Meaning, you do not need to go out and buy new products as much. Side not- most of your make up is only good for one year. You may want to toss out anything that has been sitting around for a lot longer. 

D O N ' T  S H A R E
Best friends don't need share everything. If you are using their makeup brushes or they are using yours- you are just transferring germs, old makeup, bacteria, dead skin cells, dust and all other kinds of nastiest between each other. True BFFs don't want each other to have acne!

B E T T E R  A P P L I C A T I O N
If you're brushes are caked with old makeup you will not have a smooth finish. It won't even be the same color as what is on the palette! Since I don't normally wear makeup, I am nowhere near a professional at applying makeup. Having clean brushes makes it much easier to apply powder and blend properly. 

Don't be a victim to dirty makeup brushes!!! Go wash yours now!!!

Here are step by step instructions on how to properly clean your brushes- with pictures too!!