jumpstart your morning with these healthy drinks

I am not a coffee drinker and never have been. I do, however, enjoy an occasional iced coffee on a hot, summer day. The point is, it's not part of my daily routine or really in my life whatsoever. I get that people love the coffee ritual and aroma but your cup of joe more than likely contains sugar, artificial sweeteners or some type of dairy. Don't get me started on those caramel-mocha-frappe-spiced-latte-whip cream on top drinks. Not to mention the addiction, jitters and crash you get in the afternoon. That is no way to start your day! I much prefer something simple with many health benefits.   

H O T  W A T E R  W I T H  L E M O N
This is my all time favorite drink. Water with lemon is life. It really is just so fantastic. Drinking hot water first thing in the morning is so important because it helps to flush out toxins in your system and rehydrates you. Think about it, when you're sleeping your body is doing all sorts of magical things like repairing your tissues and allowing your organs to detox. Do you notice that you wake up with a white tongue? That's a sign of detoxing. Well, your body needs a little extra help flushing out those toxins and getting your digestion moving again so that's why we drink hot water with lemon. Getting these toxins out will also help you have clearer skin and maintain a healthy weight. It also just tastes really nice and refreshing. 

A P P L E  C I D E R  V I N E G A R
Ok, ACV is kind of disgusting but it's such a miracle product and truly is the definition of "beauty is pain". Some people put a tablespoon of ACV in a glass of hot water and drink it like tea. I think that in this case you should just go big or go home and take a shot of it. Plug your nose and just go for it. Apple Cider Vinegar has tons of health benefits. It can help with acid reflux and heartburn, aids in weight loss, increases metabolism, promotes healthy cholesterol, keeps your blood sugar levels steady and helps you absorb more nutrients from your fruits and veggies. It will also give you energy and a boost in the morning because of the potassium and enzymes it contains.  

C O C O N U T  W A T E R
So refreshing, so hydrating, so delicious. Coconut water is packed full with electrolytes so if you're looking for a pick me up after an intense workout or a late night partying, this should be your go-to.  Coconut water has heaps of antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, calcium, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium. All the amazing micronutrients in the water help promote a strong immune system and get this- there are these plant hormones in the water, cytokinins, that are anti-aging, reduce the formation of blood clots and make it harder for cancer cells to grow in your body. What a beautiful gift from the earth!

G R E E N  T E A
ahhhh I love me some hot green tea in the winter and iced green tea in the summer. Some say it is the healthiest drink on earth! Green tea contains caffeine, not as much as coffee so it doesn't give you those unwanted jitters, but still enough to give you a boost in the morning. Green tea not only gives you energy but can even make your smarter! Whaaattt?? Yes, it improves brain function, mood, memory and attentiveness. Wooo! Go green tea!

I told you all about the wonderful benefits of chlorophyll in a previous post. But I love it so much I couldn't leave it out. It's so great because it cleans your body from the inside out. Seriously, drink it and your body odor and your bathroom breaks will be much more fresh. Not to mention, chlorophyll will strengthen your immune system- which is, ya know, kinda important. 

M A S T E R  C L E A N S E  L E M O N A D E
The master cleanse is a juice cleanse where you drink only lemonade and water for ten days. Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it so obviously it's amazing. I have done it a few times. The first couple of days are tough but after that you feel amazing, your eyes glow, your skin clears, your mind is clear and you lose a few pounds in the process. I am not suggesting you go out and start the cleanse now. However, I have found that drinking the lemonade a couple mornings per week is a great way to still get the benefits. This lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper combo helps you detox your liver, aids in digestion, gives you a boost of energy and can relieve headaches.The recipe is 10 oz of filtered water. 2 tbs of freshly squeezed lemon juice. 2 tbs of pure, organic maple syrup (grade b or c). 1/10 tsp cayenne pepper.