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RESET is a one month program that focuses on recalibrating your mind and body in order for you to get into your flow- making you an unstoppable force in all areas of your life. RESET and my other programs, are designed around my understanding that people are unable to reach their health goals because of the destructive patterns and limiting beliefs that they’ve unknowingly been carrying around with them since childhood. Once they reprogram and release these subconscious behaviors and shame, they are able to truly heal and begin to make decisions based on their new found self-worth.

RESET requires you to dive deeply inward. You must be open to self-discovery, vulnerability and healing. By the end of the program, you will feel aligned and connected to your true self. You’ll feel lighter and empowered. And, with all of this internal healing, you’ll find the external factors of a balanced lifestyle- eating healthy, exercising and taking care of your body- become second nature.

With the program RESET, you will have weekly assignments and journal prompts. You will receive admission to the RESET portal and will have unlimited access to the materials (with no expiration date) so you may use the tools and practices way beyond the program end date.




This quick but intensive 1 month program is the perfect way to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle and get back on track. RESET is designed for the individual who already has a grasp on health and wellness but needs assistance taking it to the next level or getting back into their flow.

RESET takes a holistic approach to health. We will discuss healthy eating and exercise but the primary focus will be discovering what’s holding you back, reprogramming old, destructive habits and getting and staying motivated in order to make lasting change.

I do the RESET program to recalibrate my health after traveling, sickness, or if I’ve gotten out of my routine and need assistance getting back on track.

RESET is an intensive program and requires an all in mindset. The more you give, the greater you will heal.


  • 1 session per week for 4 weeks. Plus, 2 bonus MAINTAIN sessions for extra support.

  • Each session is 60 minutes. The bonus MAINTAIN sessions are 30 minutes each and can be used anytime within six months of purchasing the program.

  • Sessions are one-on-one and will either be over Zoom.

  • 4 journal prompts and 4 weekly assignments.

  • Access to the private RESET portal with weekly modules, assignments, and health & wellness materials. You will have unlimited access to the portal and can revisit the materials whenever you need to RESET.

  • Unlimited text and email communication during the program so you will feel supported at all times.

  • A safe, judgement free space where you can open up and know everything that is said is in complete, strict confidence.

  • A weekly, individualized newsletter with specific resources per your health goals.

  • A partner in this journey that will keep you 100% accountable and give you the tools to become your best self.




  • The investment for RESET is $400.

  • After the program has completed, you will have the option to continue with RENEW and TRANSFORM.

  • All programs are final sale and there are no refunds.

  • If there are scheduling conflicts, you may temporarily pause the program.

  • For more information, please check out FAQ or email


“I really enjoy talking with Madeline. She is easy to talk to and provides a safe space for me to get it all out there. It’s nice to have an unbiased person to talk to that I feel I can share anything with.”

“You are so talented.”

“Wow Madeline! I have come a long way! You are on fire and so gifted. Thank you so much.”

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  • The first step to working together is scheduling a DISCOVERY SESSION.

  • During this thirty minute introductory call, we will go over your health goals and discover how you can benefit from my health coaching services. This first session is FREE, so it’s a perfect opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns and gain clarity on the process.


Looking to go deeper or continue our work together?

MAINTAIN is great for clients who have worked with Madeline as a coach,
and just need the occasional check-in or extra support.

This package offers you 6 sessions, each 30 minutes long,
to use as needed over the course of 6 months.