WHAT I DO / why I do it.

If you're familiar with my story, then you'll know that I used to have a very damaged and unhealthy relationship with food and my body image.
For years I was stuck in a vicious cycle of obsessing over food, overeating, nonstop criticism of my body,
followed by a restrictive diet and a promise that I'd "have more control next time".
This constant battle with my body and the belief that my self-worth was based on my physical appearance, impacted almost every area of my life.

What I wanted more than anything was to find the "magical health formula" so that I could end dieting forever,  reach my ideal weight,
stop thinking about food all of the time, end the constant disapproval of my body and, finally, live my life! 
I figured that if I could do these things, I would not only be much happier, but I would finally become the person I was meant to be.
I just didn't understand why it was so hard. If it was what I desired most, why couldn't I figure out how to make it happen?

So, after years of trial and error and endless research, I eventually healed myself.
My quality of life has improved dramatically. I have reached my ideal weight. I have heaps of energy. I value and respect myself. I am completely in tune with my body. I no longer diet and have a very healthy relationship with food.
But most importantly, I feel like I've found my true, authentic self and purpose.
This is now my norm.
I decided to become a health coach because when I was going through this journey,
I was completely alone and felt like there wasn't anyone I could confide in.
I was embarrassed to talk about it. I thought that because I didn't have an eating disorder, per se, my struggles with food weren't worthy of help. I was ashamed of myself and thought I needed to just figure it out on my own. I eventually did, but I know that if I had guidance along the way, someone to keep me accountable and to motivate me when I was struggling, I would have healed much quicker. 

I want you to know that you are not alone and your struggles are worthy.