transform your health.

TRANSFORM is a six month program which includes 24 one-on-one health coaching sessions.
It is for the individual who is really looking for a complete health makeover. The program focuses on areas such as weight loss,
better eating habits, exercise and movement, mindfulness, self-love and rediscovering yourself.
During the program, we will dig really deep to discover what is blocking you from reaching your health goals.
Once we identify and analyze these blocks, we will work together to reprogram the limiting beliefs and shame we carry with us.
You’ll learn how to shift your mindset, release past shame, elevate your self-worth, reprogram destructive habits
and get into your flow so that you can make lasting change.
It will be heavy and intensive. But, by the end of the program , you will feel lighter, invigorated, empowered and in complete control of your health.



Each program has a set formula where we discover what is preventing you from reaching your health goals.

Each program is designed to serve your specific needs depending on your health goals. Some of the things we will focus on are…

  • Reaching your ideal weight

  • Improving eating habits

  • Healing your relationship with your body image

  • Creating better habits

  • Committing to an exercise routine

  • During the program we will
    It is designed for the individual who is looking to dive deep and dive fast. The individual who will benefit most from RESET is someone who is already living a relatively healthy lifestyle but needs assistance getting back on track and ironing out a few kinks so they can really take their health to the next level.

    This is an intensive program and requires an ALL IN mindset.




  • 1 session per week for 24 weeks. 24 sessions total.

  • Each session is 60 minutes.

  • Sessions will either be in person (if local to Chicago) or over the phone.

  • 24 journal prompts and 24 weekly assignments.

  • Unlimited email and text support.

  • A safe, judgement free space where you can open up and know everything that is said is in complete, strict confidence.

  • A weekly, individualized newsletter with specific resources per your health goals.

  • Unlimited text and email communication so you will feel supported at all times.

  • A personalized self-care strategy to promote well being and mindfulness.

  • Health and Wellness worksheets to better understand your personal goals and how to reach them.

  • A partner in this journey that will keep you 100% accountable and give you the tools to become your best self.




  • The six month investment to TRANSFORM is $2,400.

  • You will be charged $400 every month (or four sessions) for six months.



“I can’t even believe the growth I have made since working with Madeline. I eat so much healthier. I have lost weight. I feel like a new person.”

“I have lost over ten pound and shed all sorts of other baggage that was weighing me down.”

“Just wow. I am so happy that I stopped putting off taking control of my health and just went for it. Working with Madeline has been the best investment into my health that I’ve made.”

“Wow Madeline! I have come a long way! You are on fire and so gifted. Thank you so much.”