family friends

I know it is an old cliche that it's not the quantity of friends you have but instead the quality. I am at a point in my life where I feel very comfortable admitting that the majority of my sorority sisters are now sorority acquaintances and my wedding party probably wont be in the double digits. However, I must say that my best friends and I are connected through our souls and that is something I feel very, very satisfied with.

Not only do I feel appreciative that my people have my back unconditionally, I am incredibly grateful for the friendships I have formed with my parents and grandparents. These relationships that I have valued my entire life have taken an entirely new form. Now that I am a full blown adult that pays bills and taxes and has real life responsibilities, I am no longer playing the role of the child, even though I will always be the child and they will always be my parents. We are both adults and for the first time I see my parents and grandparents as real humans with raw human emotions, problems and insecurities.  It is fascinating.  I must say that I love the people that my parents are and I cherish the bond that I share with them.

My friendships are much like Lake Michigan- It's not the biggest or most glamorous body of water out there but it is beautiful and goes deep and even though the waves may toss you around a little bit, at the end of the day, there is nothing in there that is going to hurt you.