ski trip: telluride, co

My boyfriend and I are really into skiing. This mutual passion has been a wonderful aspect of our relationship and we have both expressed that it would be hard to be with someone who doesn't share this interest. Every year we choose a new location to host our annual ski trip. We wanted to explore a place neither of us has been to before and this year we picked Telluride, Colorado.

Telluride is an old mining town that has a lot of history like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid robbing banks, brothels and gun fights on Main St. You know, standard old wild west fun. The locals are very proud of their town and its history. Telluride isn't like the other ski resorts I have traveled to because there is literally NOTHING else around. The closest chain store is 60+ miles from the resort! You don't have a rental car, you don't leave the resort, you are stuck in the San Juan Mountain range with your only mode of transportation being your skis and the gondola- it is fantastic. Telluride is the best kept secret. Let's break down my favorite spots to eat, shop and of course, ski.


The Brown Dog: It seems wherever I go there is a Michigan bar close by. Having the University of Michigan be our alma mater and the beginning of our romance, we frequented this bar multiple times during our week long trip. I only drank beer from the Telluride Brewing Company the entire trip (obviously) and this bar has every single one of their award winning brews on draft. Also, the pizza is unreal and there is nothing like feeling at home when thousands of miles away.

Allred's: This restaurant was not only the best food I ate all week but also had the greatest ambiance as it is on the top of the mountain and you can only get there via the gondola. The exposed beams, veneer rocks, the fireplace and the view made it extremely romantic and I couldn't have been happier than to share it with my boyfriend. 

Cosmopolitan: This ultra chic restaurant in the Columbia hotel has top notch cocktails and the seafood stew was unreal- fresh flavors that aren't overly complicated and heavy. Locals recommend the warm beignets and the flatliner cocktail for dessert. 

Other shout outs: Tomboy Tavern, 221 Oak and Siam


Hook on the Wall: This home goods store is adorable and very reasonably priced. I love small, unique knick knacks and this boutique has many. I got the cutest hooks for my apartment that will forever remind me of my trip.

Two Skirts: This boutique is very fashion forward and I wanted every singe thing in there. They carry a lot of great designers including one of my personal favorites, Veronica Beard. This is definitely a place where a girl like me could get into a lot of trouble.

Cashmere Red: As you may or may not know, I have a thing for cashmere. Ok, a BIG thing. So obviously I was drawn to this store. They also sell B. May bags which is a Michigan based leather goods retailer and family friend!


Ok, let's get to the important stuff. Obviously, the terrain in Telluride is sick, gnarly and mad wicked, bro. Fortunately, we had a couple of locals (shout out to Adam and Rachel) to show us around this MASSIVE mountain. Did I mention it snowed 40" while we were there? Yes, somewhere a shaman was doing a snow dance because we had the storm of the century and we got to ski fresh powder for days. Also, there was no one on the mountain! No lines, ever. even on the powder days! Here are two of my favorite runs...

Local: This run is not on the trail map which means only the super cool locals know about it (hence the name). It is through the trees and has so much powder built up that by the time you get to the bottom your legs are burning like a bald man walking through the Sahara. 

See Everything: This is just a nice, long blue run but like its name, it basically touches every inch of the mountain and you, well, see everything. At one point you pass the mountains that are featured on the Coors Lite can and later on you can see Utah in the distance. Simply put, it's breathtaking.  

Bottom line, this trip was incredible. Telluride is unique and charming. The terrain is challenging, the town has character, and sharing this with my best friend has been an unbelievable experience. When you travel somewhere new and surround yourself with the raw beauty that is the mountains and you push yourself to your limits with a physical activity, you grow individually and also as a couple. 

On second thought, it was a bore and you should never, ever go there! That's what the locals told me to say.