a new journey


For the past two years I have been creating jewelry and selling it in stores and online. Starting my own company has been challenging but very rewarding. I have learned a lot about what my strengths are and the things that I need to be better at. These last two years have also been a time of change. The biggest change in my life has been my relationship with food. 

I used to struggle heavily with how the foods I was eating would make me feel- both physically and mentally. At times I would feel like the only way people would like and accpet me was if I was beautiful and skinny. This constant mental struggle of wanting to be perfect affected my health and well being. 

I don't know how or when or where it happened but I had some sort of internal shift and realization that I love my body and myself, no matter what I look like or how much I weigh. By accepting myself for who I am and allowing myself to make mistakes, I immediately felt better. I began to see my body as a temple and wanted to do everything in my power to take care of it and nourish it. 

I read a lot of books and blogs, watched youtube videos and documentaries and kept coming back to a reoccurring theme: you are what you eat. 

You are what you eat. It's very simple, right? It seems like if you consume junk food you will feel and look like crap. However, if you are eating fresh fruits and vegetables you will look and feel healthy. Ok, but what about meat, dairy and eggs? What category do they fall into? What about pasta and bread? Or what about fish? Fish is healthy, right? What about eating too much fruit? Will fruit make you fat? What about just watching your calories? What even is a calorie? 

IT IS SO CONFUSING!!! One day you will read that eggs are the new health food, the next you will hear they give you cancer. You see Fat Free on the food's packaging but it is full of sugar and doesn't sugar just turn into fat?! 

We are being told by so many people about what is healthy, what is "good" for you, how much of it you should be eating and it all seems to contradict itself. It is up to us to educate ourselves about what foods are actually healthy and nourishing. And it needs to be from a source without an ulterior motive ($$$)

I have become so passionate about finding out what health means and how to achieve it. I stopped eating all meat, dairy and eggs. I have cut almost all processed foods besides an occasional treat out of my diet. I read all of the ingredients in everything that put in my body. My main source of calories comes from fruits, vegetables and whole foods. Was it hard? no, not really. Because this is my one life that I have, my one body, and I have come to discover that you absolutely are what you eat. 

So let me come full circle, I am going to continue selling my jewelry but it is no longer my main mission. I feel so strongly about the peace and wellness that I have found in my life that I want to share and spread the message. I will be sharing recipes that I have created, natural beauty tips and regimens, educating on how you can heal through foods, and revealing the not so pretty side of the foods that we were taught to be healthy. 

I am taking one day at a time and using this as a tool to grow, I hope that it does the same for you.