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Often when a person wants to completely adapt a healthy lifestyle, he or she must remember that maintaining health stems from a larger purpose- maintaining the entire ecosystem. Because we live in a world filled with unavoidable toxins and chemicals, both in the atmosphere and in our food, it’s important to focus on making changes in the bigger picture to implement big changes in ourselves by increasing our knowledge about sustainability, organic lifestyles, and individual health and wellness. Lilo Ask-Hendriksen, founder of Honey&Roots, believes that the food we eat should be in its simplest form and that we should prioritize self-care. She attributes her beliefs to being raised in a natural setting in Norway where she was constantly reminded to eat her fruits and veggies, be happy, and love animals.
Through her blog, helpful tips and tricks, and simple, yet tasty recipes, Lilo discusses all the intricacies of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

What is your health philosophy?
My health philosophy is to bring more awareness towards a more organic and sustainable lifestyle. We do live in a world that support exposure of a non-sustainable and unhealthy lifestyle, we are being exposed to a lot of chemicals and toxins that is harmful for both the environment and ourselves - without being aware of the consequences this may have. The conventional way of living has brought an unbalance to our health and wellbeing, including humans, animals, soil, water etc. We have seen an increase in such as obesity, illnesses and even facing antibiotic-resistance over the past decades. With this in mind, I believe we need to be more conscious about our everyday choices and habits. If our soil and production animals are unbalanced, unhealthy and filled with chemicals and stress, how do you think that will affect you and your own health? We need to be aware of the big picture – the ecosystem – what goes around comes around.

What does a day on your plate look like?
A day on my plate varies very from day to day, but I do have some routines I follow most weekdays. First thing in the morning I start with a glass of cold pressed juice with lemon, cucumber and celery to flush my system. For breakfast I often go for a vegan protein smoothie, with a mix of vegetables, fruit and berries (depending on what I have available). I prefer having a big lunch, that could be anything from stew, soup, sourdough with avocado, eggs and mushrooms or oven roasted veggies with quinoa or legumes. Dinner I’ll have wild salmon with quinoa and veggies, veggie lasagna, salad with roasted chickpeas or other legumes, soup, stew. I eat quite varied, and try to add a variety of fruit and vegetables to every meal.


What’s the one beauty product you can't live without?
Coconut oil is something I always have at home, as it can be used to everything from cooking to body lotion, hair mask, mouth rinse, basically anything you could possibly think of. Its natural, no preservatives or chemicals, it works as an antibacterial, its hydrating and is packed with healthy nutrients. You can´t go wrong with coconut oil.

What does your fitness routine look like?
I do yoga at least 3-5 times a week. Preferably every day, but that's not always possible to maintain in a busy lifestyle.

Do you have cheat days/meals? If so, what is your indulgence?
Honestly, I don’t really crave much unhealthy food. The cleaner you eat the less you crave the processed and sugary stuff. I know it sounds crazy and doubtful, but it’s the truth. I eat what my body wants at all times, I don’t have any restrictions but I naturally avoid sugary and processed foods as they give me headaches, low energy and I feel bloated. So it becomes a natural choice for me. Instead I eat lots of fruits and berries, and occasionally dark chocolate.

What do you think is the key to living a healthier life?
I believe knowledge is key, and to start listing to your own body, as it’s much easier to implement conscious and healthier habits that will benefit your overall wellbeing in the long run. I believe living healthy shouldn't be hard or restrictive, it should be enjoyable and make you naturally make choices that makes you feel good.


What does your evening routine look like? 
My evening routine has been very important for me the past few years. Ive never had problems getting to sleep and I could easily sleep through a storm, but that changed a few years back when my stress levels increased.

All technology is off my 10pm, even my phone (I have scheduled "do not disturb" on weekdays to be activated between 10pm and 7am, that means my phone automatically goes on silent).

I try to create a calm, blissful environment a few hours before my bedtime. Starting with a nice shower (Preferably a bath, but I don't currently have that where I live) with a natural lavender shower gel. I apply a homemade body lotion made of coconut oil and essential oils of lavender, and geranium rose, it’s such a relaxing blend that leave you feeling balanced and calm, while naturally boost your health. I put on comfy pj´s and drink a cup of herbal tea (often chamomile) before I go to bed around 10/11pm. This has been very helpful and I love the calm and peaceful environment before heading to bed, it’s an amazing way of ending your day, gives you time to reflect and calm down before you go into deep sleep. 


Do you have any self-care rituals?
I try to meditate 15-30minutes every day or as often as possible.

Do you have any tips for people just starting out on their health journey?
Avoid any finished food, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and refined white sugar. Get enough sleep, stay hydrated and add more fruit and veggies to your diet. 

What do you think is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the long term?
Find healthy food or habits that you enjoy and focus on implementing 1 or 2 new habits every fourth week, don't make too many changes at once as this will only make you feel exhausted and stressed, and chanced are you won’t stick with it in the long term. A change could be drinking more water throughout the day, get to bed by 10pm, add more vegetables to your diet, make one homemade dish a week etc..


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