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Health journeys are called journeys for a reason. There’s no way that you wake up one day and decide to completely change your life around- usually something motivates you to do so. It’s easy to be, and STAY, motivated when you feel great eating the food that works for you, taking care of yourself on your own terms, and respecting others’ individual journeys as well. If you’re going to be passionate about something, why not become passionate about bettering yourself? Whether that be unplugging for an hour to focus on “me” time, not depriving yourself of carbs if you really just want carbs, and finding which self care rituals benefit you the most, your journey is always evolving... Need some help on where to begin? Below is our interview with the beautiful ivy Carnegie, a health and nutrition guru, who is giving us some epic tips on how to live your best life, feel vibrant and eat your way to health. 

Tell me a bit about yourself. Who you are and what you do?
I am a midwest girl transplanted to southern ca, living life with my veteran husband that also happens to be my childhood friend and high school sweet heart. I am on a mission to help people find healing and love through nutrition. I am plant obsessed and a nutrient enthusiast.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
3 oranges and a small protein shake. (oranges are so so good right now)

What is your health philosophy?
To FEEL vibrant, everything else is 2nd.

Who is your greatest health influence?
Dr Robert Morse Nd! His healing is incredible.

What motivates you to live a healthy lifestyle?
The crazy energy and life I feel when I treat my body properly.

What does a day on your plate look like?
Heavy on the plants. and large plates. 

What’s the one beauty product you can't live without?
Apple cider vinegar. Yes, apple cider vinegar. Inside and out.

What does your fitness routine look like?
Everything. Connecting with my body is a daily routine and something I must do. It is not always intense but it rarely goes undone. I find it really important in a time when so much information is coming IN that we take time to shut it down, connect with ourselves before we process more coming our way.


Do you have a mantra that you live by?

Do you have cheat days/meals? If so, what is your indulgence?
Absolutely. Restriction is never something I encourage. My husband and high school sweetheart are huge foodies. My foodie of choice now is something I usually create at home, a healthy twist on my favorite indulges that I can enjoy daily. If I am really going all out I absolutely love in n out fries, vegan pizza's and oreos.

What do you think is the key to living a healthier life?
Finding your purpose is why you want a healthier life. If it was just about us, we would never succeed. Self sabotage is a huge problem for most people. It’s only when they find something or someone else to put before themselves as to why they need to get healthy. Being a great wife and now a soon to be healthy and happy mom is where my motivation lies. Who wants a dieting, cranky, carb deprived wife to hang with? Not me. No thanks. Pass the bananas and bagels.

What does your morning/evening routine look like? (whichever is more of a ritual)
Evening, read a fictional or light book and prep the coffee/ or tea for the morning. I SWEAR by this as it really sets the tone for a successful, distraction free morning with intention. I set my mug out and my book next to the couch where I enjoy my tea/coffee for about 10-20 minutes daily. It was something I adopted when my husband and I had our business and stress was at an all time high. I’ve never regretted taking that time for myself and It always sets the tone for the day even if I don't always retain what I am reading immediately. I highly highly recommend it. Also, my husband is still sleeping, there are not errands to run and no one is calling my phone at 5am. It’s the perfect guilt free me time.


Do you have any self care rituals?
Reading always, monthly massages and weekly long walks or runs. When I take off for a long walk or run it is me time. It is usually an hour of uninterrupted brain space. When was the last time you took an hour and didnt check your email, text or social media? I started to discover the more successful I became in any area, the more important that hour or two a few times a week became. I had to check out of the world and check back in with myself. Usually by the time I am home I have completely forgotten about the ten things that maybe were making me anxious. Its like a serious deep level of decompression. Sometimes I don't remember what day it is or what I even thought about the entire time. THAT head space is usually the goal.

Do you have any tips for people just starting out on their health journey?
One meal at a time, one decision at a time. I often see people beat themselves up when they are just starting or find themselves " food shamed" by others. It breaks my heart. When I was first starting and was first diagnosed with crohns disease, I literally ate processed granola bars and wheat thins and diet mt dew. I literally thought I was doing myself a favor. Its a journey and sometimes we step off the path a bit and learn along the way. If you have a bad meal, make your next snack or good meal a great one. It really is ONE decision at a time.

What do you think is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the long term?
Find what works for you. I know I have girlfriends who never touch fruit, stay slim, don't work out and seem to be happy as a clam. That works for them, but may not work for you. Stay in your own lane. You are made up of different experiences, different genes, different needs and most importantly, you have a different purpose in life. What is "healthy" for you could be totally damaging for someone else. Focus on you and while you are at it, don't food shame anyone who eats different than you.


What do you know now that you wish you knew five years ago?
The healing benefits of coffee enemas. I actually started these about five years ago and I had no idea the level of success I was setting my body up for. I did them quietly, in my own home to heal from chronic stomach issues, liver issues and gallbladder challenges. I HAD NO IDEA the extreme health benefits I was actually doing and that a few years later I wouldn't have to do them hardly ever and I would be symptom free. It is such a small, inexpensive and incredibly effective way to detox the body. Theres a lot of things people are trying to put INTO their bodies but what about getting years of gunk OUT? "You are not what you eat, you are what you digest", An inflamed colon really doesn't do any diet any good.

Now that you are expecting, have you had any changes to your diet or fitness routine?
Not really honestly. If anything I feel even more responsible. " working out for two" as I say. I mentally picture myself training for labor. Haha, what a better way to prepare my body for an extreme physical experience than to keep it healthy and moving? In the first trimester it was challenging with the morning sickness and tiredness but I did my best, even when often getting off the treadmill to throw up early in the mornings, I made sure I got up and went, and rested when I really felt necessary. I have always done a wide range of exercise from boxing to running to weights, so staying up with that hasn't been a problem. Its been wonderful. I feel like I get a double dose of endorphins also. haha Thanks baby!

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