the lux list / 2

IMG_4354 2.jpg

1. loving this bag (and I'm bringing it everywhere) that one of my dearest friends got me for my bridal shower. 

2. Learn what your dosha is (ayurveda body type) and then check out this book to find balance.

3. Want these and this and this, too. 

4. What I am currently reading .

5. I keep this in the fridge and spray it on my face and armpits morning and night. It helps to restore the essential bacteria on your skin. 

6. Loooooooooove this bed

7. Recently have thrown away all my old makeup and got toxic free, all natural products. This blog was tremendous help during the process. 

the key to living a healthy life
is not willpower.

you've got to do the work to discover
what is the real reason behind your unhealthy habits.