5 ways to show your Mom major LOVE this Mother’s Day


I love this video of my beautiful Mom and me as it shows the deep bond and friendship we have- a relationship I am incredibly grateful for.  From the very beginning, she instilled in me the importance of eating real food, living a healthy, full life and embracing my true self instead of following the trends. From the time I was a kid, I knew my Mom was not "normal". My friend's Moms would pack them pudding, chips and sugary juice boxes in their lunch. My mom would give me raw veggies and sandwiches made on whole grain bread that I thought tasted like cardboard. We lived in a quiet beach community with only seasonal cottages and senior citizens instead of a subdivision. In the winter, we would go skiing every weekend rather than attending our school's sporting events or going to church. We'd go to garage sales or second hand shops to find cool, vintage clothing and home goods instead of the mall. We'd listen to Bob Marley or The Grateful Dead instead of the top hits. My name is Madeline Neves, for goodness sake, when all the girls in my class were named either Amanda, Ashley or Allison. As a child and wanting to be exactly like my friends, I sometimes thought she was trying to ruin my life. Now that I am an adult and nearing the age of when she had me, I can fully appreciate and embrace not having a "normal" Mom. In fact, having a Mother who marches to the beat of her own drum and fully lives her truth is all I could ever have wanted. She doesn't judge. She doesn't gossip. She doesn't find joy in spending money on things she doesn't need. She doesn't compete with other women. She doesn't keep score. She doesn't believe your pay-check or status determines your self-worth. The way she lives her life and the parts of it that she values- loyalty, compassion and family over any and all material objects or superficial junk - isn't normal in this day and age and it's inspiring as hell! She motivates me daily to find the beauty in small things, work hard, be understanding, think long-term and treat others how I'd like to be treated. 

So, thank you Mom. Thank you for not being normal as this means that I am not normal either and THIS IS OUR POWER! 

Cheers to all the other non-normal Moms and women out there. Let us always be true to ourselves and inspire others to do so, too!

Now, here are FIVE ways to show your MOM some EPIC LOVE this Mother's Day or everyday!


Nothing beats a handmade card or a thoughtful letter. You can make a list of all the things you love about her, tell her how she has inspired you to be the fierce woman you are today or express your gratitude. Make sure she knows the profound impact she’s had on your life and how much she means to you!


Moms sacrifice so much of themselves for their family. They focus so much of their energy on their children that they tend to not have the time to spend on themselves. A thoughtful gift would be to compile a package of Self-Love goodies so that she has no excuse but to pamper herself.

My self-care go-to products are coconut oil, a tongue scraper, a dry brush, essential oils, a foam roller, healing crystals, a face mask, natural beauty products, a wooden hair brush, or a silk pillowcase.


A great way to show your Mom love is by inspiring her to move her amazing body. Give her a gift certificate to a local fitness studio, map out the best hiking trails in her neighborhood or create a personalized yoga flow for her based on the areas of tension in her body. If you are fortunate enough to live near your Mom, take her for a walk, learn the moves to a choreographed dance together or set up a fun obstacle course to get the blood pumping. Moving your body together is an excellent way to bond and  show gratitude.


Inspire your Mom be more sustainable this year and adopt practices to help out her fellow mama, Mother Earth. Great gifts to help her reduce her carbon footprint are metal straws, canvas shopping bags, reusable produce bags, cruelty-free beauty products, cloth napkins or a piece of clothing from an Eco Friendly Brand!


Give your Mom the gift of a beautiful, satiating meal made with ingredients that will promote health and beauty! There’s nothing better than sharing a meal together. Be creative with the menu but don’t forget you have to clean the dishes too!