the lux list / 4



  1. This clothing company is incredibly transparent, and I like that. They tell you where the clothes were made, cost of materials, cost of labor, factories are fair wages, quality environment, etc. Plus, their sweaters are cozy and high quality.

  2. Burning Palo Santo. Love the fresh, woodsy scent. Plus, lots of calming benefits. Like, less stress, less anxiety, headache relief, spiritual cleansing, inspiring creativity and good fortune.

  3. I know I am super late to this train. But I am just obsessed with these leggings. They’re incredibly comfortable. They’re stylish. High Quality. Love the color schemes. I never used to wear leggings during the day if I wasn’t exercising. However, nowadays I live in these.

  4. Also, late to this trend but mad about this guy. Started by just wearing it at night (my cat will eat my hair if I don’t wear it up at night…) but now I use it all the time, day/night. So cozy. Great hair accessory for someone who never does her hair.

  5. The most comfortable linen pajamas that I have been living in.

  6. The most comfortable linen sheets that I have been living in.

  7. I let this glow in my bedroom all night long. You can adjust the dimmer and just let it lightly glow for a good night’s rest. Best night light ever for the girl who hasn’t used a night light since actually forever.


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